Engineering Services Tailored to Your Company Goals

We have over 60 years of combined experience providing innovative and effective products, knowledge, and expertise to the Semiconductor manufacturing industry. Because of this, CrestTec delivers an unmatched level of technical know-how, quality, and fulfillment integration aligned with your company’s objectives.


Strategically aligning with your company’s goals and mission, CrestTec designs custom solutions to solve your problems. Our dedicated teams of Semiconductor engineers and experts support fabs utilizing PVD, CVD, ETCH, and ASH processes in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Engineering Engagement – We work to understand your application with our QualAssist template, a method of gathering application data. No assumptions are made in this process. This is how we provide the best solution for the exact problem you’re having.

Identifying Problems and Determining Root Causes – The first step to fully understanding customer pain points is correctly identifying the root cause. We have extensive experience analyzing used or failed parts to determine what originally caused the issue.

Critical Dimensions – Having the correct measurements is crucial when designing custom engineering solutions for any application. This is especially true in the Semiconductor industry. Using tools and instrumentation, CrestTec measures OEM parts along with all mating hardware.

Material Identification – When it comes to identifying incumbent materials, no assumptions are made. CrestTec’s material identification and characterization processes achieve this through lab analyses. CrestTec excels at material identification and characterization through various laboratory techniques, such as SEM, FTIR, TGA, DSC, ICP-MS, GC-MS, XRF.

Solution Proposal – At CrestTec, we’re here to support you and make your job easier. We’ll be glad to share data with our customers that will help them present an MEC or solution to a Change Review Board.


We have protective coatings, parts, and refurbishment services that will extend the lifetime of your OEM parts and equipment.

Coatings – CrestTec provides proprietary coatings through advanced methods that will extend the lifetime of OEM-supplied coated or non-coated parts. Parts include, but are not limited to, chamber components, windows, ESC’s, and gas weldments.

Refurbishments – CrestTec provides a wide array of repair and refurbishment services for the Semiconductor industry. Refurbished equipment offers our customers a lower cost per unit while also creating long-term savings due to an extended lifetime of a product. Refurbished parts include spin chucks, motors, ESC’s, and MFC’s.

Cleaning and Packaging

Having a clean environment is highly crucial in the Semiconductor industry. CrestTec helps prevent contamination through various methods.

Ultrasonic Bath – Ultrasonic cleaning is the process of using ultrasound to agitate a fluid to remove contaminants.

Clean Hood Operation – Part of our commitment to minimizing contamination is performing critical operations within our Laminar Flow Clean Hood. Cleaning, Kitting, and Vacuuming Baking are procedures typically performed within this environment.

Vacuum Baking – Also known as bake-out, vacuum baking is when parts, such as our O-rings, are placed in an environment of high temperature under a vacuum. This accelerates outgassing to remove VOCs commonly embedded in the product. Vacuum baking our parts and components is another part of our commitment to giving our customers clean products they can count on.

Not sure what you need?

Let our experts with over 60 years combined in the Semiconductor industry advise you on what services are right for your products and projects.