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Over the years we have developed long-term relationships and partnerships with many original part manufacturers (OPM) to the semiconductor industry. We only engage with the most qualified OPMs in the industry that truly understand the sensitivity of their parts in the most demanding and intensive environments.

We understand our customers have come to rely on these OPM relationships that we have established and the value these process sensitive parts can offer to increase total utilization rates in the fab. A thorough understanding of our customers applications and needs is required, in order to realize the cost savings associated with sourcing competitively priced OPM parts from Crest versus being forced to purchase direct from the OEM.

CrestTec’s OEM to OPM cross reference database is simply unmatched the industry. We have well over 30,000 line items of non-proprietary, off the shelf spare parts sourced directly back to the original part manufacturers. Search through our extensive OEM to OPM database to or contact our dedicated specialists to identify the parts specific to your needs!

Just enter an OEM reference number in the search bar below to return the Crest part number. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our database, just give us a call at (512) 275 – 9050 to help support you.