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Bonded Seals

Slit Valve Door

Ultra-High Purity (UHP) Bonded Door For Reduced Particulation, Increased Wafer Yield

The UHP Slit Valve Door is an engineered sealing system designed to improve productivity and reduce downtime in critical semiconductor processing applications. Developed in cooperation with a leading semiconductor OEM, the UHP Slit Valve Door consists of a sealing element chemically bonded to an aluminum or stainless steel door. This sealing element typically consists of chemical-resistant, thermally stable Parofluor (perfluorinated FFKM) or fluorocarbon (FKM) compounds. The integrated door and seal system is processed and packaged in an ultra-high purity manufacturing cell.

Molded Seal Advantages

Unlike an o-ring that is stretched around groove corners, the UHP Slit Valve Door sealing element is molded in place. This process eliminates stresses in the sealing material that are a common cause of failure in o-ring type seals. In applications characterized by a combination of high temperatures and harsh chemicals, an o-ring seal can expand and become “pinched” in a dovetail groove. This pinching can result in seal failure, particle generation and loss of productivity. The UHP Slit Valve Door’s innovative design eliminates pinching and other problems related to thermal stability and chemical resistance. It also prolongs seal life and promotes increased equipment productivity.

Easy, Precise Installation

The UHP Slit Valve Door’s one-piece design reduces downtime by eliminating the need for labor-intensive preparation of the gland and replacement of a conventional seal into a dovetail groove. It also ensures proper seal installation and orientation.

Advanced Bonding Technology

Advanced perfluoroelastomer bonding technology is employed in the manufacture of the UHP Slit Valve Door. The superior stability of the bond between door and sealing element provides improved abrasion resistance and seal integrity that result in extremely low particle generation and dramatically increased seal service life.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces particulation by up to 95% as compared with a conventional o-ring in a dovetail groove assembly
  • Increases seal life up to 10 times over conventional O-ring in a dovetail groove assembly
  • Molded seal eliminates stresses to the elastomeric material, reducing chemical attack
  • Custom-engineered seal design maintains optimal sealing force for increased seal life
  • Bonded technology eliminates movement of seal and reduces particle generation
  • Molded seal eliminates parting lines and potential for leak path
  • One-piece design reduces installation labor and equipment downtime
  • Bonded seal eliminates “virtual” leaks and/or contamination underneath the seal
  • UHP processing and packaging eliminates contamination