A Wide Range of Spare Parts and Consumables for the Semiconductor Industry

At CrestTec, we’re ready to provide an array of parts and consumables for the Semiconductor industry and more. From seals to machined metals and plastics, we’re here to supply you with quality products that you can count on.

Authorized and Exclusive Distributor for Your Trusted Manufacturers

CrestTec partners with established and reliable manufacturers to ensure what qualifies from day one remains unchanged, year after year.

CrestTec is excited to announce our new and exclusive Semicon Fab distribution relationship with CKD!

From the semiconductor manufacturing facility to the production process,
CKD provides total solutions for chemical liquids, chemical gases, vacuum, and pneumatic control.

Parker Logo

We are proud to be an authorized distributor for Parker Hannifin. Cresttec is the largest semiconductor-specific dealer for Parker products. With our extensive history and knowledge of Parker seals and o-rings, you can count on us to provide you with the optimal Parker solution. Know that you can feel safe and supported when purchasing with CrestTec.

Precision Polymer Engineering

CrestTec is the exclusive distributor for Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) North America. As the only authorized dealer for PPE, CrestTec is the name you can trust to provide you with the most suitable elastomeric sealing solution. Our long-standing relationship and experience in the industry make us the right choice for your PPE needs.


The main attributes for seals are their cross-sectional profile, critical feature dimensions, and material. The various combinations of these create a near-endless variety of seals that can be tailored to fit any requirements for your job.

New elastomer and thermoplastic recipes with enhanced physical properties are being continually developed to meet the needs of the increasing industrial and consumer customer base. There’s a wide range of seal types and materials that are optimal for different applications. Simple “O” or square profiles, pressure-activated lips, spring-energizing elements, load-balancing undercuts, and in-gland stabilization features are just a few of the types of options to consider when choosing a seal.

Having the knowledge and experience to figure out what will work “fine” versus what will allow your product to run longer, hotter, faster, and deeper is what separates us from the competition.

O-Rings – O-rings are the most regularly used seals in the world today. CrestTec stocks and supplies a wide range of O-rings for a variety of applications. Kimura®, Nanofluor®, Perlast®, Parofluor®, HiFluor®, and FFKM Ultra O-rings are just some of the material solutions CrestTec can provide for your sealing needs.

Spliced and Vulcanized – CrestTec provides spliced or vulcanized seals made from fluorocarbon, Nitrile, EPDM, and Silicone that can be used in environmental sealing and other semiconductor processing applications. Spliced seals are a cost-effective solution when standard seals can’t be used.

Die-Cut Gaskets – Gaskets can be produced through several manufacturing methods such as “clicker” presses, water jets, continuous die, or rotary die-cutting. The methodology depends on the material, size, quantity, and other mechanical factors. We will help you choose which one is best for your application.

Seal Retention (EZ Lok™) – Parker Engineered Seals Division designed the EZ-Lok seals to address the difficulties associated with seal installation and poor seal retention. Intermittent features or “bumps” protruding from the sides of the seal extend below the groove undercut feature but do not interfere with the groove once fully seated.

Molded Shapes – Elastomers (rubber, urethanes & other polymers) can be molded into almost any shape the customer needs. We stock commonly molded shapes such as Balls, Bellows, Bumpers, Diamond seals, Directional valves, Drop-in Place, Grommets, Plugs and Bushings, H-Seal, Over-Molded & Sub Assemblies, Press-in-Place Seals, and Quad Rings.

Centering rings – Within critical semiconductor vacuum environments, centering ring seal assemblies must maintain a reliable, effective vacuum seal.

Bonded Solutions – CrestTec supplies engineered seals and sealing systems comprised of metal and composite-retained elastomeric combinations for challenging applications. Our pendulum valves and bonded doors solve various problems such as seal retention, dynamic wear, and chemical and plasma erosion.

Not sure what seal is right for you?

We have over 60 years of combined experience in providing innovative and effective products, knowledge, and experience to the Semiconductor manufacturing industry. Talk to one of our experts today to find the seal that is right for your job.

3D Printed and Machined Plastics

Cresttec supplies precision machined plastic parts for your critical applications. We offer several types of materials that are commonly used and qualified in various Semiconductor processes.

We also provide production-grade 3D printed parts with repeatability and accuracy, drastically reducing the lead time of prototypes and low-volume projects.

PFA – PFA or perfluoroalkoxy is a flexible plastic compound that can withstand extreme temperatures and challenging chemical environments. CrestTec can provide ultra-pure, unfilled, or with a certain percentage of carbon-filled PFA.

Acetal – Acetal (polyoxymethylene/POM)is a plastic compound known for its high strength and stiffness. CrestTec provides Delrin, glass-filled or with a certain percentage of carbon-filled acetal.

ETFE – ETFE or ethylene tetrafluoroethylene is a fluorine-based plastic that excels at corrosion resistance and is strong throughout a wide temperature range. CrestTec provides unfilled or with a certain percentage of carbon-filled ETFE.

PEEK – PEEK or polyetheretherketone is a plastic that has outstanding stability and chemical resistance. CrestTec provides unfilled or with a certain percentage of carbon-filled PEEK.

PTFE – PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene is a lower-friction and softer plastic. It is also resistant to chemicals and weathering. CrestTec provides high purity, unfilled, or modified PTFE.

Torlon® – Torlon® or polyamide-imide is a melt-processable thermoplastic that is known for its strength in high temperatures. CrestTec provides unfilled PAI or high PV grade Torlon®.

Vespel® – Vespel® polyimide is capable of operating at extreme temperatures on both ends while retaining its chemical properties. CrestTec provides Vespel® in SP-1 or filled with various compounds.

Custom Formulation – CrestTec utilizes metrology such as FTIR, DSC, and TGA, to characterize your material to improve upon the physical properties.

Precision Machined Metals

We provide high-tolerance metal parts that are machined in state-of-the-art facilities. If you’re looking for high-quality components that meet specifications every time, CrestTec will deliver.